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Are You Ready To Take Back Your Life?

Low T Therapy Helps Increase:

  • Sexual Desire
  • Energy Levels
  • Sexual Performance
  • Muscle Strength
  • Muscle Endurance
While decreasing your Fat %

Are You Currently Experiencing Any of These Symptoms?

If you said yes there is good news. Our Testosterone Replacement Program can help alleviate some if not all of these symptoms you are experiencing!

So Start Doing The Things You’ve Always Wanted

Our patients tell us that they feel stronger mentally and physically, younger, more sexually vibrant, and simply more alive.

They can’t imagine going back to a life where “blah” is considered a norm.

So Lets Discuss Those Benefits!

We Only Use FDA Approved Testosterone Injections


So Ask Yourself Do You Want These Benefits?

  • Improve Energy Levels
  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Improve Erectile Function
  • Increase Muscle Endurance
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Reduce Fat %
  • Maintain Bone Density
  • Maintain Bone Strength
  • Improve Concentration
  • Improve Mood
  • Increase Motivation
  • Increase Sense of Well Being
  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity

The folks at Low T are awesome. Every time I go in there, I feel welcomed and appreciated. Questions are always answered and their service is friendly and courteous. I have been using the HRT for over six months and the treatment they prescribed is SPOT ON. I have increased energy, increased performance, decreased body fat, and best of all... I feel alive, alert, energetic and healthy. This 42 year old feels 24!-T.M. Denver, CO
Before I began going to Low T I was 206 lbs... I wore a size 38 in pants... my energy was minimal... my libido was all but dead... I came across an ad in a paper and decided to give a shot... pun intended... lol... it is hands down the best investment I have ever made... I am wearing a size 32... I weigh 175... my libido is off the charts.-F.R. Fort Collins, CO
I started taking weekly testosterone shots and Phentermine, 3 moths ago. I am very happy to say, that I have lost a total of 28 Lbs to date. I have 20 more Lbs, to lose. Your helping to change my life, for the better. your Staff is very Professional, and Extremely Courteous. It's a very pleasant experience, every time I go there. Thank you!-H.B. Littleton, CO
At age 50 I never thought I would feel like I did in my 20’s but Low T has sure got me close!!! Give It a shot!-D.A. Greenwood Village, CO
I had reached a point in my life where I was weak, depressed, and had no sexual desire at all. Doing some research on the internet got me intrigued if I was experiencing Low T symptoms. So I took a chance and called Low T and ever since I have felt great. My levels were extremely low but they brought them up to the optimal level. Im now feeling and looking great and couldn’t be happier.-J.F. Golden, CO

What’s The Process To Get Started?

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  • We Will Contact You By Phone and Email Within 24 Hours To Setup Your No Obligation Testosterone Consultation.
  • Start The Program and Start Feeling Great Again!
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Here Are Some Regular Questions We Receive

How Long Will My First Appointment Take?

Your first appointment will be quick and painless; generally less than 30 minutes.

What Happens At My Initial Consultation?

At your initial consultation, you will fill out a medical questionnaire, as well as other forms we need for your patient file. A member of our staff will review your medical history. You will also discuss your symptoms with the physician, and undergo a quick physical exam to ensure that testosterone therapy is right for you. Finally, blood work will be ordered; this blood work includes Total and Free Testosterone level and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).These services are all included in the initial consultation price. In addition, if you qualify for this treatment, you will receive your first injection during this appointment.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Lab Results Back?

Lab results are usually ready in three to five days. Generally, you will receive these results at your seven-day follow-up appointment.

What Can I Expect At My Follow-Up Appointment?

At your follow-up appointment, the doctor will discuss your lab results and explain these results to you. Your questions and concerns will be addressed. Then, a therapeutic dose of testosterone will be prescribed for you. Your doctor will explain how to take this testosterone, and make recommendations of nutritional supplements that will help your body utilize the testosterone. Your follow-up appointment is included in the initial consultation fee; there is no additional charge for this visit.

What Are Your Office Hours?

We try to make it convenient for all of our patients to visit us when needed. We have extended office hours each evening to help accommodate your schedule. Please call our office to find out your locations exact availability.

Will I Know If My Testosterone Levels Are Low?

Not always. Unlike other reproductive issues such as menopause in women, andropause in men comes about rather slowly. Men begin to experience lower hormone levels in their 30s. By the age of 45, testosterone levels have fallen below the minimum levels in about half of all men. This condition leaves men feeling old, tired and run-down. Because the condition comes on so slowly, many men do not realize their symptoms are due to low testosterone levels.

What Kind Of Testosterone Do You Use?

We utilize injectable testosterone cypionate. This the most popular hormone replacement therapy in the United States, due to the high success rates it enjoys.

Where Will My Testosterone Injections Be Given?

You will receive your testosterone injection in your buttocks; the injection site will alternate between the left and right side at each visit.

How Often Will I Receive Injections?

Injections will be given every seven to ten days, determined by your doctor’s instructions. You may receive treatments indefinitely, to ensure the best possible health.

What Side Effects Might I Experience?

Some side effects may include the following:

  • Oily skin or acne.
  • Mild fluid retention.
  • Frequent urination or decreased urine stream due to stimulation of prostatic tissue.
  • Breast tissue enlargement
  • Worsened sleep apnea
  • A decrease in testicular size

These side effects are not common, and most are short-term and treatable.

How Do I Qualify For Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Our clinic will perform a blood test in the office. This test, along with your medical history, will help the clinician determine whether you are a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Will These Injections Stimulate My Body’s Own Production Of Testosterone?

No. You are receiving injections because your body can no longer produce enough testosterone to keep you performing at your peak. TRT simply increases your testosterone levels to normal.

Costs & Insurance

Will My Insurance Pay For Trt?

Many insurance providers will likely reimburse you for the cost of our treatments. Some plans may also cover the expense of medications. We currently do not handle insurance claims, but we do provide you with all the paperwork you will need to do so on your own. We will also provide the necessary documents for you to submit to your Flexible Health Care Spending Account. However, we are looking into accepting insurance claims.

How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

The initial cost of ONLY $99.99 Normally ($299.99) covers the initial consultation, blood work, analysis and review of your file and blood work, your first injection, and your first follow-up visit. After this, you will visit the clinic every seven days or do our take home program where you only visit us every 10 weeks; costs for our programs start at just $29.99 per week. Blood work Is extra; you will need blood work done three to four times in the first year, and then once every six months afterward.